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HERE1 Video Podcast:

The De Young Musuem and

The California Academy of Sciences

The opposition of two new museums in Golden Gate Park

By 2000 local, national, and world wide architectural commentators were taking note of San Francisco because it was in the midst of building important buildings designed by world class architects from outside the Bay Area.  By 2008, two of these buildings were completed - the de Young Museum and the California Academy of Science, located opposite each other in Golden Gate Park.

The de Young is dark and seemingly impenetrable.  It was designed by Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron.  And the Academy of Sciences is light, airy and inviting.  It was designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano.

To me, the most interesting aspects of these buildings is not how they raise the bar for design in an architecturally parochial San Francisco.  Rather, what interests me is how both buildings are fundamental opposites of each other and embrace as well as ignore the park in completely different ways.

In HERE1, we ask what are the architectural "moves" that underlie each building?  Why did each museum choose to build as they did?

HERE1 is below. The video controls are along the bottom. Clicking the diagonal arrow on the lower right expands the video fullscreen. Press the "escape" to exit fullscreen mode.

HERE1 is 27 minutes long.  It was written, filmed and edited by in the Spring through Fall of 2009.

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C r e d i t s

Thanks to Joe Armin & Tim Miller for valuable feedback on earlier versions of this video podcast; to Ron Wellman for good driving assistance; and to Cheryl McCain, Public Relations Assistant at the De Young Museum, for facilitating my interior video shoot at the Museum.

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Flyover video sequences were accomplished using Google Earth
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Title Music:
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