Glenn Robert Lym Architect AIA/PhD

HERE Video Podcasts:

Architecture As Seen from the

San Francisco Bay Area

HERE is a collection of short videos
that look at architecture from the perspective of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I began work on these videos
in the fall of 2008 during the major recession which impacted my architectural practice.  From a marketing point of view, I thought it would be useful to expose my architectural sensibilities to a wider audience than those who have worked with me and my office.  From a personal point of view, I wanted to take a fresh look at architecture in general, hoping to undercover what would now interest me after having practiced architecture continuously for almost 3 decades.

Working on these episodes has
led me to some new viewpoints.  Casual observations caught my eye while I was off looking at what I thought were the main lines of inquiry.  Sometimes those side observations ended up being the most interesting aspects of my architectural subject matter.  I found it useful to complete each video essay and then put it aside for awhile.  The final shape of these episodes emerged with time and feedback from friends and colleagues.

These videos are available on their respective pages accessed from the pulldown menu marked "Video" at the top left of this page or free through the iTunes Podcast Store (click on the iTunes button below).

I hope you enjoy them.