Glenn Robert Lym Architect AIA/PhD

San Francisco Deck House

This family was soon to have active children. They had purchased a home whose interior family areas were on the topmost level, each walled off into small rooms. So we opened these areas to each other, creating a single room with views to Bay outside. Previously these views had been heavily curtained to keep out the morning and afternoon sun.

The family sought an easy connection between the topmost living spaces and the play yard and garden below. As the original house's shallow rear balconies were crumbling, we constructed a new, larger set of rear wood and steel decks braced for wind and earthquakes. A wide staircase winds its way down to the garden, suspended on steel rods from the deck.

The spiral stair takes the adults up to a small, roof level observatory where bench seating offers spectacular views in two directions and a place for intimate conversations and laptop work.

The home’s entry was opened up so that various levels of the home are visually and acoustically open to each other.  A new skylight drops sun light down into the inner portions of this entry area.

 The master bedroom suite and all the bathrooms were remodeled.  A basement bedroom-work room was remodeled and provided with better outside lighting and ventilation. 

Structural Engineer: Citta Structural Engineering/Jeff Smith San Francisco
Royal Lyon Construction San Francisco