Glenn Robert Lym Architect AIA/PhD

Oakland House

With children soon becoming teenagers, this family decided it
was time to work on the fixer-upper that they had bought a decade earlier.
kitchen, eating, sitting and project areas to each other, placing them in more generous spaces oriented to an evolving outdoor, rear hillside landscape. This landscape and its large existing trees provided protection from the afternoon sun and wind, allowing the new rear expansion to open to it through large windows and glass doors.
Though the house sat well on its site when seen from the front, the house was awkwardly pushed up against a steep hillside at its west facing rear. Water run off down this hill had taken its toll on the existing home. My clients wanted the floor plan of the home completely reworked so that they could open up their family,
At ground level, this expansion undulates in plan as it meets its new rear terraced, creating several interior activity nodes and that feel wrapped in exterior light and views. A tall awning trellis provides additional sun shading for a tall bank of venting windows.
The new kitchen adjoins the new family areas. The existing, upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms were reworked and a new master bedroom suite was constructed over the dining portion of the rear expansion.
Structural Engineer: Dominic Chu San Mateo
Landmark Improvement & Construction Berkeley